the great divide

this is from an interview with Dan Haseltine, the lead singer of Jars of Clay. I thought he had an interesting thought in response to the question, "what's wrong with the Christian music industry today?"

"There’s a lot of different things that don’t seem to be working that should in the music industry. It’s a hard thing—selling the Christian message [in pop music], because pop music is telling people what they want to hear and packaging it in a way that’s familiar to them.

The Gospel is the most offensive thing anybody would want to hear. It’s telling you that apart from God you are nothing, that you need God in order to exist, in order to have life. And pop music would say, "Yeah, you’re amazing." It wants to build us up when the Gospel wants to tear us down in a way that says 'You need God. With God you are everything, without God you are nothing.' How do you marry that with pop music? It’s a contradiction in and of itself."



so I've been bedridden the last day and a half after eating some lethal hot dogs at Ryders place.......

being sick is so frustrating, especially this week as its already been shortened by my trip home to MD for my great grandmothers funeral. This afternoon I've been slowly reentering the real world. The only plus about being sick was that I got to watch a couple episodes of "Sports Night." It is definitely one of the best sitcoms ever. It is more a dramedy and I definitely was a little choked up after one episode which is surprising becuase I'm not that much of a crier. Some of it is probably feeling beat up physically and being sad about Grandmommy's passing but the show certainly moves me. I'd encourage you to watch it, you can find it on DVD.

you can be in prayer for my dad, Bruce, as he prepares for the Memorial service this Saturday. Most of my mom's side of the family are not followers of Jesus so this is a special privelege for my dad to be able to lead the service and proclaim the truth and love of God. Afterwards, folks will be coming to our house, so there will be a lot of great chances for us to be a comfort to an entire family that carries only fear at the prospect of death.


why two are better than one

so this morning I was turning onto Spring off of Nicole and I saw a guy riding a unicycle crash into a tree.

then he glared at me.

there is nothing less intimidating than a man in really short bicycle shorts picking up his unicycle off the ground.



so for one reason or another I thought of one of my favorite songs from the bleak era of mid nineties mainstream rock, "Sister," by the Nixons. I went and tracked it down last night. It is a track worth a listen and the acoustic version is pretty good as well.

my favorite line from the song...
Sister I see you
Dancing on the stage
Of memory


do the math

red sox + yankees = best rivalry ever
damon + renteria > Sheffield + A Rod
varitek + running grab nearing the stands with a catchers mitt = clutch
sheffield + excited BoSox fan = overblown media frenzy over nothing

screaming at the tv + Matt B + Jonny D + Dolla Bill = great times

ps.tax season has turned me into a math freak

death and taxes "literally"

its amazing how I'll wait til April 14th to do something that takes an hour, especially when I'm getting money back. I think I have a psychological disorder when it comes to doing paperwork.

I came home from taking care of my City of Westerville taxes, which they'll do for you at their office (how awesome is that, especially for someone allergic to forms) and my driveway had been chalked by the killer k's, Kim and Kelly. It definitely brought a smile to my face, it has been awhile since I've been chalked.

so after taking an evening to think through Grandmommy's death I came across this verse while reading in the Psalms the next morning. ...

Weeping may go on all night,
but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30:5

And it is true, it was a good day, a joyful morning in fact . Sometimes a good nights rest is just what you need to clear your head and steady your heart. Not that a new day brought forgetfulness but that it gave me the chance to think clearly without being caught up in the emotion during the day of discovering her death.


72 down: remixed

72 down
an old friend
lowered into the ground

72 down
a generation
lays beneath the mound

72 down
the godmother
sings without a sound

72 down
the hearts distance
from lost to found

72 down
a simple change
yet stunningly profound

72 down
we now consider
to what our lives are bound

72 down
time to untangle
the cords in which we’re wound

72 down
a gentle reminder
to treasure those around

72 down
a divine moment
for Yahweh’s love to abound

72 down

so my Great Grandmother passed away Monday night. she is the first person who I've genuinely cared for and who has genuinely cared for me who has passed away. The first person who physically cared for me and who I've physically cared for. There is something about touch that makes a bond so much greater. Whether it was her holding my hand hanging out in DC when I was 4 or me helping her up the stairs of my parents house as she entered her late eighties those moments of physically helping each other are vibrant memories which have really caused me to contemplate the end of this season of her existence. what is hard for me is the fact that she probably didn't know Yahweh. this has caused me to really consider Yahweh's justice and whether or not I trust in him and his goodness and fairness in light of the separation from Yahweh she might now be experiencing.

fever pitch

"It's better than my wedding ring. You can always get wedding rings."
-- Johnny Damon on receiving his 2004 World Series ring