My Holiday Schedule

So, I'm pretty excited for the holiday's right now. Here is a rundown of what's to come.

Tonight: CT Leaders Party at Buca, followed by Skate on State.
Wednesday: Storybook like Stars at Little Brothers (Depaso's band)
Thursday: Date Night with Hannah
Friday/Saturday: Personal Prayer Retreat to the Forest of SE Ohio
Sunday: Christmas Celebration with the Hauers
Tueday/Wednesday (26/27): Hocking Hills Overnighter with Hannah's older brother and his fiance'. We're finally going to explore Rock House and Tar Hollow State Forest.
Friday the 29th: Hannah's brother's Ohio marriage reception (they get married in Denver in January, that should be a cool trip).

New Year's Eve: Anyone have a good party going on?


whaat's up

I have two 15 page business ethics papers to write by next Wednesday. Anyone have an old ethical case study lying around I can use?