the last days

tomorrow is my last day at HCC, from this day forward my sole email address will be jeddearing at gmail. please update your contact list. thanks, jed


darkness hurries in

My Uncle Richard is sandy blonde haired with sparkling blue eyes. The ladies loved him, he could charm a woman within minutes. He served in the military while a young man, then moved to Ocean City, Maryland. His apartment was just 2 blocks from the boardwalk, and the sights and sounds of the sweet Atlantic. If you walked just two blocks the other way you would come across the Bay where my mom would reel in softshell crabs. Richard was a surveyor. Richard was also an addict, to many things, he went through women like he went through drinks. The combination landed him in jail multiple times. The saddest moment came 6 years ago when he stole my Grandmom's car on the day of her wedding and traded it for heroin. The police called us during the ceremony. They found Richard in a ditch. The police called my dad tonight at nine, they found him again, this time dead on his favorite path in the woods behind his house in Pennsylvania. Richard lost his job today, and his mind. He told my dad he was checking into the VA hospital tomorrow. He didn't lie, he had registered. Richard just couldn't hold out in this life one more day.

Last month I went home to Md, my Grandmom came down with a gift for me that Richard helped her put together. A toolbox loaded with great gear so that I could fix things for Hannah. I should have written Richard a thank you note.

Pray for my family. My mom and Grandmom especially. They will be at the morgue tomorrow. Pray for strength for my father - He will probably lead the funeral, and he is looked to by my mom's entire family as the spiritual leader and counselor in these times. Pray against the lie of satan condemning my family. Pray that God will use this moment to bring attention to Jesus.


a day of discovery

the columbus metropolitan library is fantastic....i love that it is less than a mile from my house.

I had a fantastic walk today that included a serene stroll through a beautiful topiary garden just east of the library. it is fun to stumble across the hidden treasures of the city. Also, i discovered what look like 2 tasty new restaraunts on Main about a mile from my place. Oodles (a dumpling and noodles place), and Indian Oven. Anyone ever been to either restaraunt?

now, on to writing a business law paper. woohoo.


a little online quiz on theological worldview

You scored as Neo orthodox. You are neo-orthodox. You reject the human-centredness and scepticism of liberal theology, but neither do you go to the other extreme and make the Bible the central issue for faith. You believe that Christ is God's most important revelation to humanity, and the Trinity is hugely important in your theology. The Bible is also important because it points us to the revelation of Christ. You are influenced by Karl Barth and P T Forsyth.

Neo orthodox


Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan






Reformed Evangelical




Roman Catholic


Classical Liberal


Modern Liberal


What's your theological worldview?
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you should probably buy "weekend in the city."

As I have been spending time in my room in prayer I had music on in the background. during a moment of flipping opening the scriptures these words raced from the stereo through the speakers into my ears, and my heart was flooded with thankfulness for God's revelation and its unchanging relevance for the world. they come from "prayer," by Bloc Party.

"I am a martyr, I just need a motive
I am a martyr, I just need a cause
I'm a believer, I just need a motive
I'm a believer, I just need a cause

We're finding it hard to be alone
We're finding it hard to break the mould
We're finding it hard to excite myself
We have nothing at all to say


There was a sense of disappointment as we sped away
All the young people looked the same"

this will continue to be a rich time of prayer......it is lyrics like this that move my awakened heart to watch out for the sleeping world.

Life...in a nutshell

dear friends

Life is full and going well. God is doing a lot of work both within my heart and all around me. the big day is June 23rd and the plans are coming together. It is exciting to think about marriage being a means to an end to Hannah and I's life. God is beginning to cultivate some important transformation in continuing to move us towards Christ likeness.

Hannah finishes school next week and begins to study for the state medical boards. I will be the proud husband of a licensed massage therapist. Hannah has been an amazing example to me of discipline as she has pulled a 3.9 while planning a wedding, working 4 different jobs, and running around with me.

My last day at HCC is May 31st, I am preaching at my final CT, this Sunday, May 20th at 7. Root is also leaving HCC at the end of May and will be leading worship for the final time, it would be great to see you there. It should be a cool night.

I interview for a new job tomorrow and have made some good headway into the Nationwide scene. I have 2 weeks to find a job, so pray that God delivers. A friend shared with me today that the one thing I can count on God for is, "his faithfulness to keep me dependent on him." Gotta love the way God works.

Living at http://www.google.com/maps?q=180+S+20th+St,+Columbus,+OH+43205,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title in Olde Towne East has been a blast. I really like my new place. God blessed me with 2 good roommates for the month of May who both needed a temporary place to stay, Bill (dollar) and Jimi. Hannah and I got to celebrate with Jimi and friends last night as Jimi is officially becoming Doctor Jimi.

may god penetrate your jadedness and fatigue,


Yard Sale: This Friday & Saturday 8-2


If you need furniture, books, video games, clothes, cookware, golf clubs, a snowboard, boots, inline skates, tools, or just want to drop by and say hi, make your way out to my new place from 8-2 the next couple days for Hannah and I's yard sale. We both have a lot of stuff to unload as we begin to merge our lives. I now live at 180 South 20th Street. Columbus, OH

You can check out our Craigslist post for more info...



“The truth of Christianity is life. The implications of this are vast.”

peter rollins

Entering New Space

A man was shot to death this afternoon 4 blocks from my house. Early reports suspect the culprit was a known drug user. It is hard knowing that I don't have the time to begin to engage in the lives of my neighbors yet. It will be exciting when Hannah and I are married and I have a new job, so that Hannah and I can begin to spend our time building relationships with our neighbors and partnering with local ministries and organizations to begin to address the spiritual and physical needs of the community.


An Invitation

Hey Friends,

I will be preaching my final message at CT on Sunday night, May 20th, and I will be accompanied by David Root who will be leading worship for the final time at CT. We are both moving on from our positions of leadership at Heritage at the end of May.

I would love it if you would be able to join us for this special evening. There will be a definite spirit of celebration throughout the night and I will be sharing my thanks for many of you who have impacted my life. If you have ever been part of CT, past or present, I'd love to see you. The program starts at 7, but we will kickoff the night with a BBQ and Backyard Games at 6 on the back patio at Heritage.



Brainstorming Session

I am compiling a list of spiritually profound movies. Movies that cause you to think deeply on love, God, evil, judgment, purpose, death, ect... What movies have caused you to stay up late at night wrestling out thoughts and praying, or have been catalysts for deep conversations with friends?

List your top 3 spiritually profound movies for me in the comments section. It would be a huge help and enlightening to find other movies worth watching. thank you.

off the top of my head I'd say

Eternal Sunshine
Training Day