i marathon

come get some baby!! I ran the Nashville marathon in 3:41. 4 minutes faster than my goal. boo yah. the last 3 miles felt like running on air. it was amazing. Nate England clocked in around 3:46, Buckles 4:20, and Borst 4:40. a Good day all around.


26.2 miles

be praying, tomorrow morning i run 26.2 miles! I'm in Nashville stying at Vince Gill's daughters house, how bout that.


Proverbs 18:1

"Loners who care only for themselves
spit on the common good."

this is far too often the summation of my actions....



i hear it's national poetry month....

A schism develops
Through which light erupts
Differentiating matter
Exposing and binding
A simultaneous implementation
Guidance towards hope


it's a mobile wordl

today my phone book filled up on my cell, all 300 entries are taken. it is time to retire my antique phone and purchase one that will allow me to move into the mobile age where every man, woman, and child no matter age, race, or religous affiliation sports a cell. it is no longer a world where one phone is shared by a family or people even tend to their office voice mails which only serve to redirect you to their traveling companion.

in brighter news than me having to shell out a couple hundred bucks the new RHCP single, Dani California was released today. Go here to listen. Frusciante was inspired to write the music by WU Tang's "36 Chambers." Stadium Arcadium will be a great album.