northeast by northeast

Labor Day Weekend = Boston and NYC

on the comeback trail...

last Thursday I had my first half day back at the office.
watch out world, I can stay awake for 4-5 hours at a time.

thanks for all your prayers and concerns.

check out this web comic
toothpastefordinner.com gets it done on a regular basis.

a couple things i learned from Memorial Day to Independence Day.

I'm not that important
I do too much
I don't do the right things
Athlete is good British pop
B Collision is going to have to grow on me
Jesus gives me confidence
I might have a man crush on David Beckham
I like Bonhoeffer and Wangerin
I miss my friends
I can't wait to move to Clintonville (August 1)
My Mom can come through in the crunch
I can't wait for the 2010 World Cup
I hate Christiano Ronaldo and every other preening/flopping/whining soccer diva
I miss worshiping with people and hearing the Word of God taught
A big church has some real issues
I'm completely in love with Hannah
There isn't a greater servant in the world than her