Quote of the Decade

My cube buddy, Kevin, to the ducks outside our window, as he swigged his Aquafina.

"Look at this, I'm drinking your homeland."


I'm preaching and Hannah's leading worship up at Heritage Marysville this weekend. Grab a friend and come worship with us at 11am. The church launched a year ago, and Hannah's family has been a big part of making it happen. We have the great privelege to give Pastor Brian Brooks and Sherri Hauer a break from leading, and to partner together to lead folks towards Jesus this Sunday.

http://www.marysvillehcc.org/ 940 London AveMarysville, Ohio 43040


mission accomplished

you can view/read pics and thoughts from my walk here. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=19531&id=759418942

good morning

i am brewing a pot of coffee, pouring a cup, bundling up, and going to take pics of our neighborhood. should be a good crisp fall morning.


Ruth and Doug Kauffman

Here are pictures from my sister, Ruth's wedding taken by my old friend Jason Montgomery. Pretty special time. I got to officiate, Luke was a groomsman, and Ben the DJ. It was a rollicking family affair.


Smash and Grab

You can watch Hannah and I on 10TV here. They left in little bit of our commentary. They made it more of a scare piece than they needed. But, thats alright.


Hannah and I on TV

I really need to start writing updates on our life down here in Olde Towne East.
Hannah and I were interviewed by 10tv and the story will air at 11pm tonight. We will see what shows up. We have had our cars broken into 4 times this month, among other wild things.... We had a great chance to share our story with the news crew and how God has influenced our decision to live here.


Who wants 2 Cheap Dylan/Costello Tickets?

I have 2 tix to see Dylan/Costello tonight, 7pm at the Schottenstein Center that I can't use.
They are in the closest Huntington club box to the stage. Section 204, Row C, seats 5,6.
Great seats, the cost for the tickets after service charges is $120.00. I'll sell them for $60.00 OBO. Call me 614.327.4299 with an offer if you are interested.


Arcade Fire?

Anyone going to Arcade Fire this Friday night? I got a ticket for dirt cheap and now I need a posse or a compadre(Hannah is not a big fan of the AF).


Getting Back into the Swing

Talk about a summer of change...

I'm married to the beautiful Hannah. See Pictures Here, more to come soon.

We live in Olde Towne East - 180 South 20th Street Columbus, OH if you want to pay us a visit.

Cisco, Ryder, Tim, and Jimi have all taken off from Columbus. Good luck gents.

I put on my belt from right to left instead of left to right the other day. Those things happen at 5:00 in the morning.

We are hunting for a new place of worship if you know of a good one downtown drop a comment.


the last days

tomorrow is my last day at HCC, from this day forward my sole email address will be jeddearing at gmail. please update your contact list. thanks, jed


darkness hurries in

My Uncle Richard is sandy blonde haired with sparkling blue eyes. The ladies loved him, he could charm a woman within minutes. He served in the military while a young man, then moved to Ocean City, Maryland. His apartment was just 2 blocks from the boardwalk, and the sights and sounds of the sweet Atlantic. If you walked just two blocks the other way you would come across the Bay where my mom would reel in softshell crabs. Richard was a surveyor. Richard was also an addict, to many things, he went through women like he went through drinks. The combination landed him in jail multiple times. The saddest moment came 6 years ago when he stole my Grandmom's car on the day of her wedding and traded it for heroin. The police called us during the ceremony. They found Richard in a ditch. The police called my dad tonight at nine, they found him again, this time dead on his favorite path in the woods behind his house in Pennsylvania. Richard lost his job today, and his mind. He told my dad he was checking into the VA hospital tomorrow. He didn't lie, he had registered. Richard just couldn't hold out in this life one more day.

Last month I went home to Md, my Grandmom came down with a gift for me that Richard helped her put together. A toolbox loaded with great gear so that I could fix things for Hannah. I should have written Richard a thank you note.

Pray for my family. My mom and Grandmom especially. They will be at the morgue tomorrow. Pray for strength for my father - He will probably lead the funeral, and he is looked to by my mom's entire family as the spiritual leader and counselor in these times. Pray against the lie of satan condemning my family. Pray that God will use this moment to bring attention to Jesus.