Getting Back into the Swing

Talk about a summer of change...

I'm married to the beautiful Hannah. See Pictures Here, more to come soon.

We live in Olde Towne East - 180 South 20th Street Columbus, OH if you want to pay us a visit.

Cisco, Ryder, Tim, and Jimi have all taken off from Columbus. Good luck gents.

I put on my belt from right to left instead of left to right the other day. Those things happen at 5:00 in the morning.

We are hunting for a new place of worship if you know of a good one downtown drop a comment.


Cisco said...

good to see you back on again

francine said...

i ADORE picture 162 from your wedding album :)

laurannyoung said...

hey kid. i'm back in town. we'll hangout sometime soon.

Micah said...

If we don't get in touch soon i'm going to explode!